A Revolution for Hypersensitive Skin

Without preservatives, it is usually impossible to protect most formulas (in aqueous form) from outside bacteria once the tube has been opened. For the first time, a new revolutionary technical process has solved the problem of preserving sterile formulas in large tubes, without using preservatives, and protecting them from outside contamination.

Each time it is used, the closing system allows the product to be expressed but prevents bacteria in particular from entering the tube.

To Give Sensitive Skin the Extra Safety it Needs

Avène Dermatological Laboratories have reinvented dermo-cosmetics and introduced to the world the concept of sterile cosmetics with its perfectly air-tight, D.E.F.I packaging. D.E.F.I (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity) – developed and patented by Pierre Fabre.

The guarantee of a pure, effective product without preservatives or paraben is thus obtained by this unique association of a “Sterile formula and D.E.F.I.”.

Sterile Cosmetics

The Process

A unique process in dermo-cosmetics

1. Sterilization throughout production

To produce this new generation of cosmetics, a specific environment has been created. Avène’s production sites, including a sterile environment that meets the highest technological requirements and is based on the same model used for medicine, perfectly mastered by Pierre Fabre Laboratories. Everything is carried out according to the strict standards of current Good Manufacturing Practices in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sterilization of all production equipment
Patented sterilization of formulas
Packaging in a sterile environment
Training of highly qualified staff
A perfectly hermetic patented sealing system

2. D.E.F.I. system (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity)

The D.E.F.I system helps preserve a completely intact sterile formula protected from all germs throughout the products use.

providing safe, effective formulas

3. Rigorous selection of only essential ingredients

This innovative concept allows:

Sterile Cosmetics Products

  • Sterile Cosmetics Products